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Lego Batman: Review

game lego batman review

The dark knight has returned, but this time his universe and all his enemies will be reflected with Lego tiles. Enter Gotham City in an unprecedented way.

A few years ago, Travellers Tales surprised the industry with an adaptation of the first chapters of the Star Wars saga in a somewhat peculiar way, shaping their entire universe with Lego tiles. The success of the game was such that the original trilogy arrived soon after, and sometime later, the adaptation of Indiana Jones. This time we meet Lego Batman, with the same premises as his predecessors.

The story mode of the game is divided into two parts: the Batman and Robin part, and the enemy part. Each of them will contain 3 chapters, with 5 phases each, which makes a total of 30 screens to overcome. This time it is not based on any film, but focuses on the escape of the most dangerous criminals from Arkham, and their subsequent search for the leading couple.

In each phase, as usual in the saga, we will have to find 10 objects scattered throughout it, plus a red brick that will allow us to access an extra unlockable.

In the Batman and Robin phases, we will only switch between these two characters, which may seem monotonous at first. But it turns out that these characters can find areas where they can change their costumes, and thus gain various skills to overcome different obstacles. So, Batman can get suits to get through the fire, to plan, to plant bombs, or to break crystals with ultrasonic waves. Robin, for her part, will find suits that allow her to mess around with electronic devices, dive, climb magnetic walls, or collect objects that she will later use to activate mechanisms.

The whole system of changing costumes according to the moment will give that touch of variety to the history of this unique couple. But the real appeal of the game seemed to me to be the story of Arkham’s escaped criminals. This time we only play with two characters per screen, but we will vary in each phase to control the various enemies of the series.

The abilities of the enemy characters are quite ingenious and will make us enjoy these screens more. We have for example the Joker, who will have an electric glove to use against his enemies or to activate machines. Mr. Frio will use his beam to freeze enemies, and Enigma can mentally control some people to activate controls themselves. And so with a whole variety of the most charismatic characters in the world of Batman. Of course, classic skills such as double jumping and whipping have also returned.

We will again find phases with vehicles, although they have been reduced, and will be less than in other deliveries. Still, we’ll be able to climb on things as far-fetched as a carnivorous plant.

After completing the game, there’s no denying that the formula repeats itself and that despite the new features many people may begin to feel less hooked on messing around with Lego chips. I’m one of those who thinks that, although Lego Batman is a good game, it’s not up to Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones. You’ll enjoy it a lot, but there’s always that “I’ve played this before” taste.

The duration of the game is quite long if we want to find all the secrets hidden by the phases. This will force us to play each screen in the “Free Mode” option, where we can choose any character (good or bad) to take on any mission in search of the precious pieces.

Finally, to comment on a rumor about the saga, it seems that Travellers Tales has signed a contract with Warner for their next Lego game, so the rumors point strongly towards a possible Lego Harry Potter. And given the success of the franchise, I have no doubt that it would sell very well.

Returning to the game we’re dealing with, I recommend playing it to everyone who enjoyed previous releases, and to those who didn’t know about this type of game I recommend it even more. We are waiting for your impressions on this title, and for those of you who are undecided, I’ll leave you with a trailer for it.