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Batman Forever (1996) Video Game Review

game Batman Forever review

With the advent of the Justice League, Batman is back in fashion and it’s not just me, but thousands of fans around the world who are eager to see more about the Justice League, Batman and why not? suicide squad. But we still have a long wait for that while we’re waiting, I’ve decided to download one of the first Batman games, maybe some of you already know it, that is Batman Forever 1996 for Super Nintendo and Mega Drive.

Batman Forever was the last video game that was for 16-bit consoles, released alongside a movie where Jim Carrey, playing Riddler, caught a lot of attention. Batman Forever hasn’t been very faithful to the film, but that didn’t detract from the final quality of the game. In fact, we’re aware that movie adaptations are often quite disastrous, and while this game is inspired by the movie, it did so with a lot of quality.

The game allowed us to play the role of Batman or Robin, so you can play with another friend or alone. It’s a classic Beat’em up of the time when you can beat the crazy people of Arkham’s madhouse, the villains and minions of the Riddler’s Riddler, right and left. In Batman Forever we will also enjoy many typical gadgets of the character as weapons, among other effects that to be of the time, were very well thought out and elaborated.

One flaw I can attribute to you is the waiting time and slowness of this game. Accustomed to the new dynamic games and even faster in their loading, it is amazing how much the game has to be loaded between stages.

Batman Forever had some spectacular graphics for that time and showed characters of considerable good size on the screen. The protagonists were very striking and so were the followers. The scenery was very well finished and generally surprising.

The sound section was fine, it did its job and allowed us to enter fully into the dark and dangerous universe of Batman but honestly, it is not something to highlight.

Just to conclude, if you’re a fan of Batman, don’t miss this work that was released 22 years ago on Super Nintendo and MegaDrive. Batman Forever is a complicated, fun and technically very eye-catching game considering the time of year when the game was released. If you get the chance, try it alone or with a friend and draw your own conclusions.